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Welcome to Binto, specialist in the creation of African art pieces. Known for its collection of authentic works of art and its very trendy style, Binto is best known for the creation of Juju hats (JUJU HAT) but also offers a whole range of custom-made African decorative objects that bring a zest of personality, elegance and creativity to the places where they are placed. We have a whole talented team of meticulous craftsmen who work to create remarkable works. We are dedicated to promoting fair trade while sharing and celebrating African culture with our incredible global clientele. Our team meticulously crafts unique items such as Jujus, decorative shields, beaded bracelets, Namji dolls and African accessories. There is a belief around which each of our art objects has many virtues. Whether you're traditional, modern or somewhere in between, our designs are made with a cultural touch that can easily enhance any style. In addition, you can creatively customize our products yourself by choosing your favorite colors as well as your design.

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